I am a South East based Generalist with experience in feature film, TV and the web.

I have experience working for independent production companies and large studios. In the past I have worked for Ragdoll Productions, an award winning TV production house, various creative studios and was a member of the Layout team at MPC.

I have an in-depth knowledge of studio pipelines and experience of the visual effects process from beginning to end. At Ragdoll I lead a small team of Renderers on the animated children's TV programme 'The Adventures of Abney and Teal'. I created pipeline tools, helped with rendering, fixed issues as they arose as well as creating assets/rigs and dynamics simulations for the show.

I am self-motivated, driven and passionate about visual effects; I enjoy working in a team and respond well to direction.


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If you are interested in booking me give me a call on 01892 710 265 or email me